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Grand Opening of Black Spruce Art Works May 21 — 23

My big exciting news is that I have recently moved my studio three hours north of Toronto to the small town of Maynooth — an intensely creative, lively community near Algonquin Park, just 20 minutes north of Bancroft.

I have a lovely little century home, which serves as my residence, my studio and a small gallery featuring my own work, and select work of some well recognized artists who are also inspired by Algonquin and Northern Ontario.

My new venture is called Black Spruce Art Works. I open for business starting this weekend. It’s easy to find — you can’t miss it, I’m the first house in the south end of Maynooth, right on Highway 62.

The Hastings Highlands area has much to offer in the way of galleries, antique and up-cycling shops, cafes, B & B’s and inns, breathtaking landscape and close proximity to Algonquin Park with loads of camping and hiking opportunities. In time, I will offer painting workshops as well.  I hope that you will consider a road trip or stay-cation to the area, including a visit to Black Spruce Art Works!

I will continue with my GTA galleries and shows, and I’m looking forward to an exciting and busy summer, I hope to see you soon!

My lovely little studio gallery. Sure it looks like only a model in this pic, but it is really life size, with REALLY amazing artwork inside!