Award-winning painter Laura Culic works in beeswax, dry pigments and oil paint.

Laura is represented by a number of fine art galleries in Toronto and throughout Ontario. She occasionally participates in juried art fairs and exhibitions, and  her work is also available directly from her studio in Toronto.

Awards include Best in Show at the Ontario Society of Artist’s 139th Open Juried Exhibition and Best in Painting at the 51st Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.

Many corporate, private and government collections have acquired pieces by Ms. Culic. An elected member of the Ontario Society of Artists, she is also a recipient of an Ontario Arts Council grant.

Laura’s evocative landscapes and abstracts are inspired by her love of the wild places and her commitment to environmental conservation.


Ebb & Flow: solo exhibition at Earls Court Gallery, Hamilton
April 15 — June 5

Ebb & Flow Interactive Virtual Gallery Tour


I am thrilled and very proud to have a solo show with Earls Court Gallery, April 15 to June 5. The gallery enthusiastically welcomes and encourages Window Viewing. Kindly, make an appointment to have a selection of artwork brought forth to their large windows to see in person.  From there, visitors and curators can Chit-Chat about the artwork.

Contact Curator Andrea
905–527-6685  | andrea.jackman@bellnet.ca

Ebb & Flow Statement
Swimming with a sense of comfort and ease in the embrace of fresh clear water is a recurrent theme of my dreams. I believe these dreams derive from my earliest memories of fascination and delight involving water. Invariably, my most favourite places are associated with bodies of water; as are my most cherished reminiscences.

Ebb & Flow has evolved during a time of quarantine and isolation. In this body of work I delve deeply into experience and imagination to create paintings that are a visceral response to water.

I have a deep-felt relationship and sense of profound connection with our freshwater lakes; blissful hours into days of swimming, floating on my back, paddling a canoe or kayak purposefully or idly, daydreaming, contemplating.

The paintings in this exhibition draw upon experience and intuition rather than any preconceived plan or reference; they have, in a sense — like water — been divined. One interpretation of the term Ebb & Flow defines it as “a recurrent or rhythmical pattern of coming and going or decline and regrowth” — much like my process-driven approach to painting, which is an exploration involving many layers of oil paint and beeswax, washes of pigment, mark making, layering, drawing into and scraping back, in a process that is repeated until the work is resolved into an imaginative, playful interaction between surface, depth, movement, stillness, sky, horizon and reflection.

Laura Culic