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Watershed is the painting I contributed to the exhibition “Heroes: Real, Fictional and Close to Home” at MJG Gallery, 555 Parliament St. Toronto.

Watershed, 30″ x 70″ encaustic, oil and paper on wood panel SOLD

Watershed” is a tribute to Lake Ontario and specifically to the Lake Ontario Waterkeeper; in my view, a heroic organization. Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, a Canadian charitable organization, works towards a swimmable, drinkable, fishable lake, and endeavors to protect and celebrate the Lake Ontario watershed.
When Mark presented the theme of “Heroes” I was delighted to arrive at this concept of combining the maps and symbols that I am currently obsessed with, along with the heroic efforts of working to heal and preserve this significant and beautiful body of water, which has been an influence on my life in so many ways. This painting juxtaposes a map-like representation of the lake and its related lakes and rivers, with symbols and abstracted areas of colour and texture, suggestive of the history, topography and navigation associated with the lake.
Part of my painting process is the search for a story; each piece suggests and reveals a story as I work, which in turn guides the direction of the piece. In the painted story of “Watershed”, the lake and its tributaries are the hero.