Watershed is the painting I contributed to the exhibition “Heroes: Real, Fictional and Close to Home” at MJG Gallery, 555 Parliament St. Toronto.

Watershed, 30″ x 70″ encaustic, oil and paper on wood panel SOLD

Watershed” is a tribute to Lake Ontario and specifically to the Lake Ontario Waterkeeper; in my view, a heroic organization. Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, a Canadian charitable organization, works towards a swimmable, drinkable, fishable lake, and endeavors to protect and celebrate the Lake Ontario watershed.
When Mark presented the theme of “Heroes” I was delighted to arrive at this concept of combining the maps and symbols that I am currently obsessed with, along with the heroic efforts of working to heal and preserve this significant and beautiful body of water, which has been an influence on my life in so many ways. This painting juxtaposes a map‐like representation of the lake and its related lakes and rivers, with symbols and abstracted areas of colour and texture, suggestive of the history, topography and navigation associated with the lake.
Part of my painting process is the search for a story; each piece suggests and reveals a story as I work, which in turn guides the direction of the piece. In the painted story of “Watershed”, the lake and its tributaries are the hero.

Three 8″ x 8″ encaustic paintings for Mistletoe Magic

Navigational chart #4, 8″ x 8″ encaustic and oil SOLD
Navigational chart #5, 8″ x 8″ encaustic and oil SOLD
Navigational chart #6, 8″ x 8″ encaustic and oil SOLD

These three paintings are at the John B. Aird Gallery until Thursday December 1, when the Aird’s annual festive Mistletoe Magic silent auction, and fundraiser reception takes place. The reception, Thursday Dec. 1, is from 6 to 9 pm. The Aird Gallery is at 900 Bay Street, in the Macdonald Block (Bay and Wellesley) Work is available for purchase from now until Dec 1.

Encaustic demonstration November 9th at MJG Gallery

On Wednesday November 9th, I will be giving a talk and demonstration on encaustic painting at the MJG Gallery in Toronto. I will talk about the history of encaustic;  about my technique and what motivates my artistic practice. For those curious or interested in the technique, this would be a great way to get an understanding of encaustic painting.  MJG Gallery is located at 555 Parliament St. The event runs from 7 to 10 pm. This event is is a limited to 20 people so please RSVP — $20 per person. To RSVP, please contact Mark Gleberzon at the MJG Gallery, 416.923.4031, or markaloo@yahoo.com.        
Or please feel free to contact me.

Soundings #1 12″ x 12″ encaustic and oil on wood panel SOLD
Soundings #2 12″ x 12″ encaustic and oil on wood panel SOLD


New paintings


Lake Effect, 24″ x 40″, is a set of 15 8″ x 8″ encaustic tiles, inspired by Lake Ontario, available at XC Art Restorations, Toronto
Topographic, 24″ x 52″ triptych, encaustic, oil, image transfer on wood, available at XC Art Restorations, Toronto

This painting, “Topographic” is very much about the land with its combination of a traditional landscape in the centre panel and a specific topographical geography suggested in the outer panels. The appearance, uses and meanings of maps have always fascinated me, and I’m very excited to have found a means of incorporating them into my work. In the outer panels of this painting, I had a sense of being geologist, explorer and archeologist in one; excavating through dense layers of opaque and translucent wax to discover or reveal lakes and rivers; and in the centre, depicting the nascent scene for future navigators.…

Pocahontas, 20″ x 20″ encaustic, oil and image transfer on wood, available at XC Art Restorations, Toronto

Pocahontas” was inspired by the Neil Young song of the same name, the lyrics of which I’ve hand written, and hidden under layers and layers of wax. Barely discernible, but present, nevertheless. While creating this painting, I thought of the traditional native American sense of respect and unity with the land, and its contrast with the common need to control, maintain and delineate.

Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition

Phew! The dust is starting to settle, in the aftermath of the TOAE. Overall I’d have to say I had a terrific show. I sold eight of my new encaustics, which not only lines the coffers for a while, but is extremely encouraging in terms of the more abstracted direction my work has taken.

The weather was hot — as always! — and the show was exhausting and physically demanding (as always! — artists must take home their work each night… re‐hang in the a.m.) — but the crowds were fantastic, and visitors to my booth were full of wonderful comments and appreciation for my work. Many, many people were interested in a further  understanding of the encaustic process — which is truly fascinating — so I will publish a page in my blog on that shortly.

Thanks to all who attended, and to numerous friends who stopped by to say hi.

a few folks at my booth
“but does it match the carpet.…?”
the happy artist
the client who purchased this large painting, “Canoe Route” told me he felt it was a cross between the work of Tony Sherman and David Bierk — a compliment that made my day!

One day to go until Toronto Outdoor Art show!!

Its down to the wire (as usual!) with art show preparations! Last minute details, final touches to paintings, wiring and framing, gathering all show materials together, making sure my canopy is waterproofed!!!.… lots left to do yet.… and all fueled with a high level of pre‐show excitement/stress/anxiety/anticipation. I’m fully charged up and exhausted at the same time.
So this is my last pre‐show post. This piece is one of the farthest abstracted ones I’ve done to date. Its still about the sea, time, distance and navigation… and a powerful longing to travel — not on a plane — but real‐time travel, and to watch the sea and the land and the day unfurl  as they should.…

navigational chart series #2, 16″ x 16″ encaustic, oil, image transfer and collage SOLD

Hope to see you at the show!