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New paintings

Paddle-to-the-Sea, Part One, 30″ x 40″ encaustic on panel

I’m Sending Birds to Watch Over You, 16″ x 48″ encaustic on panel
To See the World Like a Bird, 40″ x 48″ encaustic on panel
Opeongo, 18″ x 36″ encaustic on panel


A L O N E together: an exhibition at Triangle Gallery, Toronto, October 19 to 28

A L O N E together” is the title of the first show by a group of painters I am proud to be part of. The group includes award winning artists Susan Avishai, Brian Harvey, Mark Kellett, Jennifer Lawton, Gordon Leverton, Laurie Skantzos and Janice Tayler.
Although we work in a variety of styles and media, we share a powerful collective interest in forging new and independent ways to direct our visions.
The show title signifies the unifying sense of professionalism we share as mid-career artists — acting as sounding boards, critics and support for each other in what can be a very solitary occupation.
As well as a common philosophy, as a group we have recognized we all share a mutually high level of professional achievement and success. “A L O N E together” is a celebration of these unique visions and accomplishments.

Let’s be alone together; let’s see if we’re that strong…” (L. Cohen)

A L O N E together”
Friday October 19 to Sunday October 28
Triangle Lofts Gallery
38 Abell Street (at Queen St W)
Toronto, ON
Opening Reception Friday Oct 19, 6 pm to 10 pm
Regular Gallery Hours 11 am to 6 pm daily


Images from TOAE 2012

French River, 30″ x 30″ encaustic, paper and oil on panel
A journey of discovery 20″ x 70″ encaustic, oil and paper on panel
Voyageur, 20″ x 70″ encaustic, paper and oil on panel
Shoreline (unexplored) 24″ x 40″ encaustic, oil and paper on panel
Samuel de Champlain 16″ x 16″ encaustic, oil and paper on panel
Whispered the snow 16″ x16” encaustic, oil and paper on panel
Restoule 12″ x 12″ encaustic and oil on panel SOLD


Awarded “Best in Painting” TOAE 2012!!

A field guide to birds (found at a cottage rented last summer) 36″ x 48″ encaustic, oil and paper on panel

I was thrilled to receive the award for Best in Painting at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition this past weekend! Judges had come to my booth several times over Friday and Saturday, so I did suspect I was on their list of potentials, but when they announced to me I was selected as “Best”, I was truly astonished! And very happy! The award came with a $1000 gift card from Curry’s, which I shall enjoy spending for sure. Here are a few pics of work I had at the show — with more to be posted shortly.

The moon and the tide 30″ x 30″ encaustic, oil and paper on panel
Beausoleil 24″ x 24″ encaustic, oil and paper on panel


Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition: July 6, 7, 8!

Merganser, 12″ x 12″ encaustic and oil on panel

The 51st  Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition is less than one short week away!
I have been working feverishly (partly due to the heat compounded by a hot griddle, electric frying pans and a propane torch, no doubt) in preparation for this show. TOAE is typically my most fun — and most successful! — show of the season.  I’m really looking forward to this year’s show, and I’m totally pumped about my new work!
Due to construction/renovation on Nathan Phillips Square, it has not been an easy task for show coördinators to finalize booth locations. My location is Booth 125, and even though it shows on the current map as in the white section, I will in fact be located in Green — which is the area on the grass, between Queen Street and the paved part of the square (hopefully  under some trees!)