My paintings on the Toronto Online Art Fair site:


The Toronto Online Art Fair (TOAF) , which typically runs outdoors in July at Toronto’s Nathan Philips Square, was online for 2020. The site remains active, with work available to purchase, until December 2020.

I’m very proud to announce that my painting Ardent Heart, was selected by curator Flavio Belli, as part of his curated collection of landscape paintings from TOAF.

The paintings I am displaying on my TOAF page are available for purchase directly from me at any time. These paintings are created with oil and cold wax, which is an oil painting medium made with beeswax. It imparts body and translucency to the paint. Beeswax is a natural preservative, and cold wax paintings are as durable and stable as any other medium.

As always, I am pleased to offer personal, hygienic, no‐charge delivery within a reasonable distance of the Greater Toronto Area. I also offer in‐home placement for trial periods, and I welcome potential clients in to my Toronto studio if they prefer an in‐person viewing of a piece first, in a friendly, well‐ventilated environment.

Prices indicated on my TOAF page include HST.

Please contact me, laura@lauraculic.com, if you would like to arrange to purchase or view work, or if you would like more information about a particular piece or my process. And, as always, I happily accept commissions, and will paint a piece in the size to suit.

Please note that prices indicated on this page do not include HST. Please contact me to arrange viewing, purchase or payment options.


About the Artist

Award‐winning painter Laura Culic works in beeswax, dry pigments and oil paint.

Laura’s work is available directly from her studios in Toronto or Maynooth, Ontario, and is represented by galleries in Toronto and beyond. She also occasionally participates in a juried art fairs throughout southern Ontario.

Recent awards include Best in Show at the Ontario Society of Artist’s 139th Open Juried Exhibition and Best in Painting at the 51st Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.

Many corporate, private and government collections have acquired pieces by Ms. Culic. An elected member of the Ontario Society of Artists, she is also a recipient of an Ontario Arts Council grant.

Laura’s evocative landscapes and abstracts are inspired by her love of the wild places and her commitment to environmental conservation.


Three paintings of wetlands by Artist Laura Culic hanging on wall
The centre painting was purchased initially, and the happy clients decided to commission artist Laura Culic who created the accompanying two as a triptych to enhance this unique, high‐visibility location in their beautiful Toronto home in February 2019.

Hastings County produced a small video featurette on my work and my gallery, and will give you an idea of my space and how I work.