Laura’s Gallery/Studio in Maynooth

Photo of Black Spruce Art Works, Laura Culic's gallery/studio in Maynooth, Ontario
Visit me in my gallery/studio in beautiful Maynooth, Ontario, called Black Spruce Art Works. 

Since I have begun painting in this northern environment, I have experienced an exciting explosion of creativity and productivity. As my work veers towards the abstract, the Canadian Shield landscape continues to have a pronounced and profound effect on me. Water and rock, brush and trees, mosses, lichens and wildflowers. Time spent hiking, swimming, paddling, and observing permeates my being, and finds its way out into my work.

At Black Spruce Art Works visitors are welcome into my studio to view work in progress, gain a bit of insight into the creative process and to chitchat about art! There are two comfortable and casual rooms in which to enjoy my artwork, as well as work by potter Karen Gray, and paintings by Carol Westcott. 

If you have not been to Maynooth, I encourage a visit — not only to check out Black Spruce Art Works, but to explore and enjoy the town itself.  Situated in the wild and beautiful Hastings Highlands, just east of Algonquin Park and 20 minutes north of Bancroft, Maynooth is a warm, vibrant, diverse and very artistic community that is well worth the drive, with galleries, antique and curiosity shops, great cafes and accommodations. 

I am happy to be part of an inclusive community that honours the arts and values the natural environment, and grateful to have the opportunity work within the landscape that so inspires me.

Black Spruce Art Works
32945 Hwy 62 North
Maynooth, ON
K0L 2S0