Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition

Phew! The dust is starting to settle, in the aftermath of the TOAE. Overall I’d have to say I had a terrific show. I sold eight of my new encaustics, which not only lines the coffers for a while, but is extremely encouraging in terms of the more abstracted direction my work has taken.

The weather was hot – as always! – and the show was exhausting and physically demanding (as always! – artists must take home their work each night… re-hang in the a.m.) – but the crowds were fantastic, and visitors to my booth were full of wonderful comments and appreciation for my work. Many, many people were interested in a further  understanding of the encaustic process – which is truly fascinating – so I will publish a page in my blog on that shortly.

Thanks to all who attended, and to numerous friends who stopped by to say hi.

a few folks at my booth

“but does it match the carpet….?”

the happy artist

the client who purchased this large painting, “Canoe Route” told me he felt it was a cross between the work of Tony Sherman and David Bierk – a compliment that made my day!

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